Kristen Schneider Consulting

Are you a busy entrepreneur who’s ready to rapidly scale your business with targeted marketing and advertising?

I’m Kristen Schneider, and I live and breathe all things digital marketing and advertising. After 13 years in the industry, I left my  corporate job as the Director of Digital Sales to chase my dreams. Now, it's my mission as an online marketing expert to educate people about how to navigate the world of targeted marketing and advertising.

I work with business owners, consultants, coaches, and soloprenuers to achieve massive ROI through cutting-edge targeted marketing. My technical knowledge and familiarity with the digital media landscape can help you to drive traffic, boost sales, reach targeted consumers, and run efficient campaigns. 

Work with Me

One to One Consulting

You, me, and a Zoom call! Let’s bulletproof your brand story, map out your digital marketing plan, and drive targeted traffic. Tap into my brain for a power hour while asking me any specific questions along the way.

Group Training

This highly detailed course ensures that you're up-to-date with all the latest tools, tech, and tricks of the trade: perfect for any go-getter who wants to take a deep dive into the world of effective marketing and advertising. 

Ad Management

Time is money: you focus on your zone of genius, and I'll look after your ads. My full campaign management service includes everything from ad creation and setup to optimization, audience and pixel creation, analytics, and more. 

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