Hi! I'm Kristen.

I’m passionate about using my digital marketing and targeted ad expertise to help entrepreneurs grow their audience, leads, and sales.

I’ve been in your shoes: trying to run a business, navigate copywriting, and generate sales at the same time. Let’s be real: it’s impossible to juggle it all successfully. 

I started Kristen Schneider Consulting in 2013 to help businesses reach new heights through digital marketing and targeted advertising. I've trained and led large sales teams, built marketing and advertising strategies for business owners, run targeted services from SEO, SEM, and social media to email marketing, ConnectedTV/OTT, and more. 

As a marketing expert, I offer a clear marketing and advertising path to drive targeted traffic. I specialize in breaking down complicated digital marketing and advertising into a simple plan. I have fine-tuned my craft after more than a decade in the industry and created a framework that builds your brand story, optimizes your traffic, scales your business. 

Let me guide your strategy so that you can focus on what’s important: your expertise — whether that’s selling local or online products, coaching packages, or something else completely.

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What else do I spend my time doing?

Mostly raising four children with my husband in small-town Missouri! My family is my “why”, and we spend our free time running around at sporting events, wandering through our beautiful local country fields, or throwing a ball for our golden labrador, Riley.

I firmly believe there’s a song for every mood, and so you’ll often find me singing along at country music concerts or hanging with my close girl gang. 


Working with Kristen Schneider is the definition of PARTNERSHIP. I trust Kristen to execute and optimize my clients' targeted social media advertising. Kristen is excellent at listening to my clients' needs and helping to determine the end call to action. And..the results are amazing!  Facebook engagement increased 83% within the first two months!  Thank you Kristen!

Jill Laux, Mix Media Agency

The insurance industry has changed in the last five years and it was time for my marketing efforts to change as well. I decided to get more aggressive with social media advertising.  My business grew 12% in less than 6 months after partnering with Kristen and her social media expertise!

Kelli A. Young, Insurance agent

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